Solutions for Today and Tomorrow

A message from our Executive Director:

FY14 has been an incredibly productive and busy year for Homeless Services United, and we wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank our amazing member organizations, who everyday help to address the growing need for emergency shelter and services for New York City's most vulnerable.  It is with your boundless enthusiasm, as well as the support of our funders and allies, that Homeless Services United is able to affect the conversation around realistic solutions to the rising crisis of homelessness in New York City.

With the change in City administration, there are tremendous opportunities for strengthening your programs and supporting your staff. HSU will continue working with our partners and allies within the government on City and State level to ensure that those who are currently homeless have access to vital homeless services.  We must ensure that providers can continue to offer high-end quality programs and retain and recruit the dedicated and valuable workforce necessary to run these programs.

We look forward to working closely with you in the coming months, as we continue efforts to meet the most immediate needs of New York City's homeless populations while working for a future in which fewer households experience the crisis on homelessness.

In Solidarity,

Christy Parque, MSW

Executive Director

FY15 Looking Forward

HSU Policy Update- Governor's Executive Budget

On Sunday January 18, 2015, HSU Executive Director Christy Parque, was asked to attend Governor Cuomo's press conference announcing his 2015 Opportunity Agenda's ten point plan to combat poverty and fight inequality.

Watch Governor Cuomo as he unveils the full 2015 Opportunity Agenda online, January 21st at 1:30PM: Click Here

Homeless Services United’s statement of support for the 2015 Opportunity Agenda

“We applaud the Governor on his far reaching Opportunity Agenda that not only addresses the immediate crisis of homelessness but seeks to addresses the underlying causes of poverty. Increasing wages, addressing food insecurity, and funding for homeless prevention will have a dramatic impact on the thousands of households experiencing homelessness today or those at risk of housing instability. The expansion of supportive housing and other affordable housing efforts literally cements the state's commitment to some of the most vulnerable in our state. The Opportunity Agenda will reinforce New York's legacy as a leader in sound, compassionate and effective public and social policy.”
Christy Parque, Executive Director
Homeless Services United


April 30, 2015

To Concerned New Yorkers:

Our community of Homeless Services United has experienced an unspeakable loss with the violent death of Ana Charle.  We grieve for her children, her family, her colleagues at Project Renewal, and the men at this shelter whom she served so well.  We are united in our grief.

This is a day to support, console and be in solidarity with those who have been directly affected by this tragedy.

This is not a day for politics; it is a day to give thanks for the life of Ana Charle and for the thousands of New Yorkers who work tirelessly every day in their commitment to end homelessness.

We pledge ourselves to find new ways to effectively help the most troubled New Yorkers so that Ana's death will not be in vain.

The Board of Directors

Homeless Services United

Christy Parque, Executive Director